No smoke publicity

Since I am personally a big fan of people NOT starting to smoke, I am very pleased to see that Fredrik Söderhielm, Secretary General for A Non Smoking Generation, has written a debate article in Aftonbladet (Swedish daily paper) asking the government to take harder action against tobacco companies and tobacco advertising, such as hardening the rules on exposing tobacco products in food stores. (The article can be read here, and here is an earlier press release about it.)

I have earlier posted about A Non Smoking Generation's anti-tobacco campaign and also a post about them winning an advertising award for that campaign.

I like that the organisation keeps getting publicity, because I do really belive that smoking is bad for you, and every kid that can be prevented from starting to smoke is so worth all the work I imagine the organisation is putting into their PR campaigns. The article was almost a full spread, and is probably read by a lot of people. Go Fredrik and A Non Smoking Generation!!!

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