Seth goes guerrilla?

Seth Godin wrote this book a year ago (The Dip) and now, on his blog, he is asking people who bought the book, to lend their copy to a friend, family member or colleague. By doing this, Seth is spreading his word, with the help of people who already believe in what he writes. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I don't really have an opinion yet, since I haven't read any of his books, only his blog.)

Imagine having a guy coming up to you on the street saying: "Hey, you wanna read my book?". You would probably consider him to be some sort of nutjob, trying to sell you something or wanting to show you the wonderful world of the Lord. Imagine your friend, over coffee, telling you: "Hey, I read this great book some time ago, wanna read it?" You would probably consider lending the book and reading it. Maybe you like it so much you buy it for yourself, and a few weeks later you tell your sister about the book, and so it goes...

The "official" definition from Wiki reads: "an unconventional system of promotions on a very low budget, by relying on time, energy and imagination". Well, what Seth did is my notion of how guerrilla marketing is done. Marketing with very little means, quite imaginative (without pushing to "sell" something), and he is probably quite successful too, judging by the comments to his post. Good job, Seth!

Emotional markets

So, in Kevin Roberts article about Lovemarks (link to my post about it) he is talking about emotions.
I'm going to a seminar by professor Dmitry Repin. He is going to talk about "Emotional markets and Emotional Traders". Since he is a finance guy, I guess his seminar is about stock market trade, but I can't keep myself from wondering wether his theories can be applied to "normal" trading?!?!
Emotions ARE important. A report will be posted after the 8th of May.


Toyota Prius

Well, it turns out Seth Godin drives a Toyota Prius. (At least that is what he writs in this post: You're right)

In my opinion the Prius is almost the best car in the world right now (yes, we own one). Almost the best car because you can not change the GPS while the car is moving. Safe? Yes. Good? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely! If you drive with a passenger, that person can not do anything either, you're stuck with the address you added from the beginning, even if you would rather stop somwhere on the road. I think I have to write to Toyota about that.

What is also interesting is that Saatchi & Saatchi (where Kevin Roberts, the creator of Lovemarks, happens to work), was, together with another advertising agency, the creators of the advertising for the Prius. (Saatchi & Saatchi News, at the bottom of the page).
I like it.


Seth Godin

Seth Godin is "a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change". He writes books and run blogs about marketing (and other stuff I suppose, I haven't had the time to check everything he does). I have read som posts though, and I do find them very interesting. Check out

Seth Godin's blog

Or, check out one of his older blogs (from 2005), which I suppose he started in order to promote his book "All marketers are liars". I will look deeper into his blogs, because they seem very interesting.

All marketers are liars blog


Kevin Roberts on Lovemarks

An interesting article from allaboutbranding.com, explaining Lovemarks a little deeper. (By Kevin Roberts)




I bought two books the last time I was in the States:

Entrepreneur Press and Amy Jean Peters: Start your own Event Planning Business
Susan Freidman: Meeting & Event Planning for Dummies

I haven't had the time to read any of them yet, due to a very intense period at work, but soon... Reviews to follow!


Event management education and sun

What else could you want?!? ;) This is an Event Management Programme in Brisbane, Australia. (Actually "Diploma of Business with major in Event Management")

IBS Event Management (site in Swedish)

I wish I could apply for this school, but it's not really possible. I mean, apply; that I could do, but to actually go through with the education; not so much. Family issues and other things make it kind of impossible for me to move far away, even for a year. There are other schools though, and some of them in Sweden. Not as much sun as in Brisbane probably, but I have applied, so we'll see what happens with that. (To be continued...)

Lovemark(s) on the net

Some background information from Wikipedia and Saatchi & Saatchi (the advertising agency where Kevin Roberts, the "inventor" of Lovemarks, works)

Lovemark at Wiki


To be or not to be...

I am.
And I am interested in lot's of stuff.
I am also changing careers.
I am a project manager.
But I am much more interested in planning event projects rather than other projects.
I really am.


What this blog is all about

Ambivalent is NOT what one would normally call me, but when deciding to start this blog I had no idea what to call it.

The purpose of the blog is to gather information on diverse subjects that interest me, subjects that I would like to learn more about. These subjects consist of, but are not limited to;
event management
marketing strategies (such as "guerrilla marketing")
branding strategies (such as "lovemarks")

Since I couldn't settle for one interesting subject and/or name I combined them: "Love" from lovemarks and "Event" from event management.