What a wedding!

The bride looked absolutely stunning, the guests were fabulous, the people cheered and applauded and neither the groom nor the bride hesitated when reading the vows in church. It was really pretty, and we watched the wedding ceremony on a big screen in the middle of central Stockholm. Afterwards we tried to watch the happy couple who went to the city in a horse-drawn carriage, but there were so many people lining the streets, wanting to see and vawe. I managed to get a few seconds of film, but that was all.

The peak of the evening was Prince Daniel's speech to his wife, Crown Princess Victoria. It was one of the most beautiful, well written, thought-out speeches I've ever heard, and the applauses didn't want to stop. It was such an utter declaration of love, and of course I cried like a baby. ;)

All the best wishes to H. R. H. Crown Princess Victoria and her new husband H. R. H. Prince Daniel!


Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I love you, tomorrow. You're only a day away....

So, tomorrow is finally the big day. The Royal Wedding. I'll of course be there to wave to the happy couple after the ceremony, and I'll report some more on Sunday.

Mr. Daniel Westling's coat of arms, from www.royalcourt.se.