From True Love to True Blood...

I just got hooked on this really nice TV series called True Blood. The show is about vampires being part of the normal society (yeah, I've always had this thing for vampires ;), due to a newly invented "fake blood" drink, called Tru:Blood, substituting real blood, allowing the vampires to live amongst "normal" people and feed without having to kill their neighbours. When I did some research, it seems that they did a quite massive marketing campaign for the series before it aired.
Picture from hbo.com.

According to Wikipedia, the marketing company created an "viral marketing/alternate reality game" campaign, and they sent out encoded letters to bloggers. They placed "Sorry, we're all out of Tru:Blood"-cards in some beverage vending machine spaces. They also started selling blood orange drinks called Tru:Blood (like in the series) at HBO.com (truebeverage.com), and, not to mention, Vampire jewelry. More about the jewelry at Brandfreak, and more about the campaign at Marketingshift blog, (Marketingshift blog post is from last year, but the series just started airing in Sweden...)

True Blood is starting to be a hype here in Sweden, the series becoming a buzz (since only the 4 first episodes from season 1 have aired) and I really recommend you to watch it. (Check out SVT Play for some of the alreday aired episodes.)


Göteborg Guerrilla

This post should have been published some time ago, but here goes...

I was in Göteborg a few months ago, and found these really funny signs in different locations. They looked like road signs but had other meanings. The signs were art work, from a Danish duo, Bosch & Fjord, , but they also doubled as guerrilla marketing for the exhibition in which they participated, at Göteborgs Konsthall.

A quite funny and startling intentional (?) guerrilla campaign.



If you understand Swedish, and are a bit bored, check out this blog: Nummeruppplysaren. It's a person working for a number information service, who blogs about funny situations from his/her work. You can also check out Nattpass på Nummerupplysningen, on the same theme...


Divorce Dance

A few weeks ago, this YouTube video, of a couple dancing their way into church before the wedding ceremony, was widely spread over the internet. It was quite viral, at least within wedding businesses.

So, a few days ago I found that the same couple made a divorce video, really funny, and a bit more choreographed than the wedding one. Enjoy! (And don't worry, they're not REALLY divorcing ;)