True Love?

This hoodie design is called True Love, and can be found on Zazzle.
True or false? Funny anyway! :)

Picture from www.zazzle.com



The blog has had lot's of posts about weddings lately, and not so much about advertising and viral videos, so I thought I'd share one of my favorite commercials/viral videos. This commercial for Volkswagen was never aired in Sweden, but it is hilarious! Enjoy!


Double Wedding pics

So, here are finally some pictures from last week's double wedding in Kall, Åre. I so much enjoyed working with the happy couples, and getting to know them and their lovely big family!

I wish all the best and long happy marriages to Kathrine & Peter and Carolina & Erik! I will so miss our planning
meetings and I really appreciate that you had the confidence and trust in me, to let me be a part of your lovely day!


Royal Wedding number 2

So, yesterday it was (finally) announced that also Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden is getting engaged. Congratulations to her and her fiancé Jonas! They have been a couple for 7 years, but I guess the poor thing had to wait for her older sister to get engaged first... Anyway, if I don't get a chance to work at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, I might get a chance to work at Princess Madeleine's ;)



And, oh what a wedding! :) It was a success, I have found my calling! Pictures to follow...


Last day preparations

Tomorrow is The Day!
Today was rehearsal at church, and further down you can see my very busy couples, finishing the last details before going off to the hotel for some pampering (the brides) and some beer on the porch (the grooms).

Wish us luck tomorrow!


Wedding coming up

So, this Saturday I have the double wedding coming up. That's why it has been so quiet on the blog. I've been quite busy sewing tulle, polishing wine glasses, printing seating charts, chasing musicians etc.

Almost everything is done (yay, my time plan seems to hold up!), now it's just the big question left on when to set the table. We were supposed to do it tomorrow, but it turned out to be quite damp in the party tent during night, so maybe the table cloths will be destroyed? Saturday is totally out of the question, but maybe Friday? We have a few hours between church rehersal and nail/manicure appointment, but is that enough? Will the grooms with some relatives manage to set the table Friday evening (when the brides are relaxing at the spa)? Stay tuned to learn the answer! ;)