Toyota Prius

Well, it turns out Seth Godin drives a Toyota Prius. (At least that is what he writs in this post: You're right)

In my opinion the Prius is almost the best car in the world right now (yes, we own one). Almost the best car because you can not change the GPS while the car is moving. Safe? Yes. Good? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely! If you drive with a passenger, that person can not do anything either, you're stuck with the address you added from the beginning, even if you would rather stop somwhere on the road. I think I have to write to Toyota about that.

What is also interesting is that Saatchi & Saatchi (where Kevin Roberts, the creator of Lovemarks, happens to work), was, together with another advertising agency, the creators of the advertising for the Prius. (Saatchi & Saatchi News, at the bottom of the page).
I like it.

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