Guldäggsvinnare (The Golden Egg)

The Advertising Association of Sweden are hosting the most prestigeous advertising/PR award in Sweden: Guldägget (The Golden Egg). The Golden Egg winners were announced yesterday at a gala at Konserthuset in Stockholm.

The winners, in the category of PR, were: A Non Smoking Generation, with their campaign: "Deception by Marlboro" (site text only in Swedish, but lot's of pictures, so you get the drill)
For the jury's motivation, you can read an article at Resumé, here (Swedish only). The agencies behind the winning PR campaign are Agent Kommunikation and Tank/Y&R.

I made a blog post about it earlier (here), as I found it to be a very innovative campaign, and I think (and hope) it really made an impression in the lifes of young people who stumbled over it.

Keep it smoke-free, kids! ;)

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