I was just checking out YouTube, and this video clip of Susan Boyle on Britan's Got Talent has had over 40 million views! 40 millions!!! Thats quite huge!

And speaking of YouTube, a bunch of Swedish boys performed an "almost naked" dance, covering their privates with crisp bread, on the Swedish show "Talang" (Talent). The YouTube clips of their performance have also had a lot of impact, and they have even been featured by international blogger PerezHilton.com. You can read the blog post here, where you can also watch the clip. I got the tip from this article by Swedish Expressen (where you also can watch the clip).

The crisp bread reminded me of an old Swedish TV commercial, featuring Knäckehäxan (The Crisp Bread Witch). The commercial was made as a parody, and it wanted to make us buy more Start Muesli. I don't know if people did, but one of the lines from the commercial really stuck to people, and is still today used sometimes: "Sluta jiddra, börja trolla!" Watch the clip here.

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