1st of May Guerrilla

In Sweden, 1st of May is sacred. Most people go out on the streets for demonstrations, solidarity is shown everywhere.

But 1st of May also holds another Swedish tradition; Majblomman, the May Flower (no, not the ship ;). The May Flower is an organisation that engages school kids all over Sweden. They go out on the streets and sell small flower pins and stickers (a different colour every year).

The income from the sales go towards helping other kids, the slogan being: "kids helping kids".

So, every year, around the middle of April, kids turn up everywhere, selling flowers. They usually have a small cardboard box where they have their flowers, and keep the money in their pockets.

This year (or maybe last year? I haven't really stayed up to date with the May Flower organisation), I'm guessing the May Flower contracted a communication agency to improve the May Flower brand and to communicate it, through guerrilla marketing.

First of all, the web page seems to be updated, and contains games and other fun stuff, in order to generate traffic.

Second of all: the kids have new nice bags that carry the flowers and their money.

Third of all: a few days ago I saw stickers on many subway stations, promoting the May Flower.

And fourth: yesterday, at Hötorget in central Stockholm, I found this:
Flowers put up in the trees! That's what I call guerrilla! Fun, cheap, and attention driving!

Edit: Check out this article in the May Flower's press room, about the "start of sales" event at Hötorget.

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