McDonald's brand

I saw this strip (originally here) and, wether you want it or not, McDonald's is the 8th most powerful brand in the world, according to this report.

And even though McDonald's must be pouring tons of money into advertising and PR, they also seem to spend money on their employees.

I heard that a manager, starting up a fast food pizza chain in Stockholm, wanted to get experienced fast food employees, and thus tried to recruit personell from the three big hamburger chains in Sweden: McDonald's, Burger King and Max. He offered them a better salary, hoping to attract competent people. The employees at Burger King and Max didn't have any problem at all switching work places, but the manager could not get a single employee to leave McDonald's. The McDonald's emloyees all stated that the personal and work related development opportunities at McDonald's were so good, that they didn't want to leave the company. So maybe we should learn from McDonald's: money isn't all that counts...

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