best YET

One of the two Swedish teams competing, stole the third price in the European finals of the newspaper advertising contest best YET. An article about the Swedish team, consisting of Philip Frendberg from B9 Advertising and Tobias Grönberg from Deasign, can be found here (Resumé), and also: the Swedish site for best YET. But I tried to find another (international) site about it, or something about who is behind the award, but I couldn't find anything! Strange! Anyone out there who know where to look?

Oh, and the team that won was from Belgium; Ross McCurrac och Arnaud Bailly, working at Saatchi. Saatchi & Saatchi is one of my favourite agencies (due to Kevin Roberts and his concept "Lovemarks", which is one of the catalysts for this blog...) (Find earlier posts about Saatchi here and here).

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