Kreafon on Twitter

So, it turns out it really does take up a lot of your time trying to keep up to date with everything that happens on the internet and in all social networks and blogs...

Only a mere five days after my blog post about communication agency Kreafon, where I kind of dissed them for being, according to themselves, "in the front" when it comes to social media, though they did not even have presence neither on Facebook nor on twitter, they actually started a twitter account and are now official twitters! Well done, Kreafon! :) Follow them on twitter here, I know I will.


Lena Carlsson Kreafon said...

Trevligt att du uppmärksammat Kreafons twittrande! Missa inte heller att vi finns på Bloggy http://kreafon.bloggy.se/

Adriana said...

Done! :)