Since I believe in the cause...

...yet another blog post about A Non Smoking Generation. Previous posts tagged A Non Smoking Generation can be found here.

Just in time for 31st of May, World No Tobacco Day 2009, A Non Smoking Generation together with agency Tank/Y&R, have come up with a new brilliant campaign. Food products, with warning labels on them, are being distributed to food stores, in order to make the owners of the stores reflect about what kind of products they are actually promoting and selling to their customers. All in the name of name of a good cause; trying to make it harder for young people to start smoking! I like it!

No press release from A Non Smoking Generation yet, but read an article in Swedish, from Resumé, here.

Picture from the web page of A Non Smoking Generation

Italian Guerrilla Blog

OK, so it is all in Italian, but you can pretty much figure out what they want to say anyway, thanks to the many YouTube clips. Check out the Italian Bloguerrilla blog!


Billionaire wedding by Swedish agency

The Swedish event agency Initiativ were in charge of the billionaire Charles Simonyi's wedding in Göteborg last november. One of the guests invited was Bill Gates. Security was massive. Read a Swedish article about it here (at Resumé).

I wonder if any private agency will be asked to help out with the Swedish Crown Princess' wedding?!?


Habit Fashion Summit 2009

Tomoorow is Habit Fashion Summit.09, a day for the fashion business, packed with internationally renowned names within brand development. I really wish I had something to do with the fashion business, so I could attend the day for a "real" reason ;) Summary of the Fashion Summit in English can be found here.

And by the way, I did my training (within the event management program that I'm attending) at the company behind the magazine Habit and the Fashion Summit event; Mentor Communications/Mentor Online for 11 weeks this spring. It was so much fun, I learned a lot of new things, and I really miss my colleagues there!


Kreafon on Twitter

So, it turns out it really does take up a lot of your time trying to keep up to date with everything that happens on the internet and in all social networks and blogs...

Only a mere five days after my blog post about communication agency Kreafon, where I kind of dissed them for being, according to themselves, "in the front" when it comes to social media, though they did not even have presence neither on Facebook nor on twitter, they actually started a twitter account and are now official twitters! Well done, Kreafon! :) Follow them on twitter here, I know I will.

Shame on me!

I'm not thoroughly updated! Miami has a new website design and a blog! Check them out! NOW! It's an order! ;)
I love their website design so much! It really makes me long for sugary breakfasts at American 50's style café Egg & Milk in Göteborg (no website, but contact information can be found here).

Swedish Guerrilla Marketing blog (My Quest)

Yay! I found this blog: Icke-traditionella medier (translates: non-traditional media) that has posts about, yes, you guessed; non-traditional media, such as guerrilla marketing and ambient media. The blog is in Swedish, but contains lot's of pictures and film clips. It's hosted by a communication agency in Malmö; Crowd, and from what I can read on their webpage, they do quite a lot of guerrilla marketing campaigns. Me like!

Well, Crowd did a mini campaign together with one of my favourite agencies; Miami. It was during Eventdagarna, a Swedish fair for, amongst others, event agencies. The fair had the subject of "Event Marketing", and neither Crowd nor Miami attended. They sprayed water logos on and around the fair area, stating "Guerrilla and ambient are not events", in order to make a statement that they would have liked to have representatives from guerrilla agencies there, and that maybe the fair should not have been called Eventdagarna (The Event Days). Read an article about the campaign, from Dagens Media here.

I do agree that guerrilla and ambient are not events, BUT I do firmly believe that you might need to incorporate many different parts of different media in order to get a campaign that reaches your target group to a full extent. It is normally not enought to just buy an ad in a magazine or newspaper, you need to follow up with TV, maybe radio, a few events and maybe som attention-creating guerrilla actions.


How to build your pesonal brand (Swedish)

An article from IDG, describing in detail how to build your personal brand with small means, such as presence in social media. Unfortunately the article is only in Swedish, but if you are Swedish: read it!

Wedding dress trends

An article in today's Dagens Nyheter (one of Swedens largest daily newspapers) show some of the trends for wedding dresses this year. The text is only in Swedish, but there are also pictures!

The three different styles portrayed are: the hip bride, the stylish/modern bride and the romantic bride. Which one are you?


Winter wedding inspiration

So, it's spring here, and what suits better than... winter photos?!? ;) (I appologize for the quality of some of the photos, they are taken with a mobile phone camera. Sometimes when "perfect photo op's" show up, I tend to not have my regular camera with me...)


Business plan

So, a few days ago I just finished the business plan for my company: Nordic LoveEvent. I put quite a lot of work in it, and I just submitted it to the city of Åre, to apply for fundings. The city of Åre gives out grants to newly started companies for development, marketing etc. And yesterday I found a post by Tim Berry, at OPEN Forum. The post deals with what your business plan should NOT contain. Fortunately, it seems like my business plan would have passed! :) Now, just keep your fingers crossed that the city of Åre thinks it's good!



Need some sassiness in your life? Check out America's sassiest life style guru, Steve Kemble's website! I sooo wish I could work for him, it seems like his events are so much fun! :)

best YET

One of the two Swedish teams competing, stole the third price in the European finals of the newspaper advertising contest best YET. An article about the Swedish team, consisting of Philip Frendberg from B9 Advertising and Tobias Grönberg from Deasign, can be found here (Resumé), and also: the Swedish site for best YET. But I tried to find another (international) site about it, or something about who is behind the award, but I couldn't find anything! Strange! Anyone out there who know where to look?

Oh, and the team that won was from Belgium; Ross McCurrac och Arnaud Bailly, working at Saatchi. Saatchi & Saatchi is one of my favourite agencies (due to Kevin Roberts and his concept "Lovemarks", which is one of the catalysts for this blog...) (Find earlier posts about Saatchi here and here).


Swedish wedding inspiration photos

How about getting married in Åre? I'm going to share some of my photos, and I'll start with autumn. The church is the one in Duved, a very pretty one.

Branding agency Brandflight

Check out Brandflight, and their 4D brand model. Quite interesting, and "hands-on". They sort of take Lovemarks ideas a few steps further...


Wedding inspiration blog

Check out PreWife, for some nice wedding inspiration. Love the Darth Vader Helmet cake and the Shrek Wedding!!!!!


Looking for an event job?

Check out this site: event-jobs.net. Mostly jobs in the UK, but you can find the one or two odd international jobs as well!


Wedding inspiration

First of all, check out this blog with lot's of daily wedding inspiration!

And if you live in the states: dont miss out on all the vendors, suppliers, wedding enthusiasts and brides-to-be that hover this new networking site: BridalTweet.

Wedding favor. Photo: Eva Quirbach


McDonald's brand

I saw this strip (originally here) and, wether you want it or not, McDonald's is the 8th most powerful brand in the world, according to this report.

And even though McDonald's must be pouring tons of money into advertising and PR, they also seem to spend money on their employees.

I heard that a manager, starting up a fast food pizza chain in Stockholm, wanted to get experienced fast food employees, and thus tried to recruit personell from the three big hamburger chains in Sweden: McDonald's, Burger King and Max. He offered them a better salary, hoping to attract competent people. The employees at Burger King and Max didn't have any problem at all switching work places, but the manager could not get a single employee to leave McDonald's. The McDonald's emloyees all stated that the personal and work related development opportunities at McDonald's were so good, that they didn't want to leave the company. So maybe we should learn from McDonald's: money isn't all that counts...