Wedding Dance

Since I'm working with these two lovely couples for the double wedding in Kall the 8th of August, I really can't think about other things than wedding stuff (not that I wish otherwise ;)

Today I started thinking about wedding first dances, and there are a ton of them on YouTube (of various qualities). I like this one, since it is a bit different than the other ones. I really love lindy hop, the dance, and the music. I wish I could dance it, but there is no time to take classes right now. Anyway, enjoy the show!

Me and my husband's first dance? A friend of ours choreographed a tango for us, to the song "Roxanne" from the movie "Moulin Rouge". If I manage to make the video smaller, I'll post it here one day.



I went the other week to speak to the two lovely girls at Åre Glashytta, to see if our companies could have a cooperation in the future (me wanting personalized glass items for my wedding couples).

The girls are both really sweet, and one of them has a cousin who is a wedding planner in Gotland (an island off of Sweden's east coast (Sweden's largest island actually), very popular for weddings). Check out Bröllopsdrömmar.

Picture from http://www.areglashytta.se

I think I really need to start thinking about pricing, so it's good to get tips about other wedding planners around Sweden...


Wedding Sneak Peek

Yesterday I did my first job as a Wedding Planner!
It was so much fun, and here is a sneak peek on some of the photos. The rest will be on my new web page (launching soon!), and I will also post as soon as I get the "official" photographs...

Best wishes to Sanna and Oscar!
I am so glad I had the opportunity to help you with your big day! I am confident the two of you will have a great life together!


Blogger's block...

Well, I haven't blogged for a while, I've been a bit busy.

I have taken on two wedding assignments, pro bono, in order to use the couples as future references. The first wedding is Sanna's and Oskar's. They will get married the 11th of July in Åre.
The other wedding is a double wedding: Kathrine and Peter and Carolina and Erik are getting married the 8th of August in Kall. Here are some pictures form the beautiful Kall church, where the wedding ceremony will take place. Isn't it beautiful?

As well as these weddings, I am also working as a Liaison Officer for the Swedish Presidency of EU, so I'm travelling all over Sweden, helping out with the Romanian delegation at informal ministrial meetings. Very interesting, but also time consuming....

So, I apologise for not blogging every day, but I'll do my best to keep the posts coming....

An also, soon, a new web site will be up, be patient! :)