Gay marriage in church, finally

Yesterday, the Swedish "State Church" voted YES to allowing people of the same sex to get married in church. (Article in Swedish from GP, and an article in English from The Local.)

I think this shoud have been done many years ago. I mean, why shouldn't all people have equal rights?!?!

"Wedding of Mathieu Chantelois and Marcelo Gomez, one of the first same-sex marriage in Canada; Toronto, 3 July 2003. Personal snapshot." (From Wikimedia Commons)


This ad cost nothing

Marketing agency The Via Group donated a guerrilla campagin to The Salvation Army in Portland, Oregon. They used local businesses, and the campaign was known as "This ad cost nothing". The campaign site can be found here. (Picture borrowed from the site.)

The campaign was quite inventive and cute, and the agency embraces one of the trends that is growing bigger and bigger; CSR, Corporate Social Responsability.

An article in English, from Springwise, and an article in Swedish, from CSR i praktiken.

And by the way, The Via Group probably has the coolest tagline ever: "The difficult we do immediately. The impossible will be done by Thursday." I love it! :)


Gorgeous wedding pictures

From time to time I check out this blog: Style me Pretty, a wedding blog well worth reading.
Today I just wanted to share with you some gorgeous wedding pictures taken for Brides Northern California. The sets are styled by Gloria Wong and photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz, and they are absolutely fabulous! If I would get married now, I'd want my wedding to look something like this!

Enjoy! :)


Starring Maja (Prinsessa)

If you want to see a good movie, and also maybe catch a glimpse of me and my husband (filmed at our wedding) go check out Starring Maja (Prinsessa in Swedish).

In a hopelessly small town somewhere in long and narrow Sweden, lives Maja, 18 years old. Her life’s dream is to become an actress. She wants everyone to see her, the beautiful person she is on the inside. Only, it’s a little hard to see. Heavily overweight, clumsy and socially inept, Maja struggles to realise her life’s dream during her final term at high school.

Young not-so-successful documentary filmmaker Erica runs into Maja by chance and sees the opportunity to make entertainment out of Maja’s seemingly hopeless struggle, but she is soon captured by Maja’s warmth and never ending enthusiasm.

Maja’s road to success is lined with comedy and tragedy, as she constantly has to face the prejudice against someone with the ”wrong” appearance. Yet she struggles on regardless, trying to find the strength and self-esteem necessary to really take center stage – on her own terms.

Prinsessa at Wiki in Swedish.
Prinsessa at IMDb.
Prinsessa's official web site.

Photo: SF Film