New Year

Well, as you all may have noticed, I haven't updated this blog very often lately. I feel a bit sad about not having the time to do it, due to my daytime work, and also due to my weekly commuting between Stockholm and Göteborg.

I will not make any new year's resolutions about posting more often though. LoveEvent will live on, but more quietly and not so actively, waiting for better times. Times more suitable for me to pick this up again...

I'd like to end this year by writing a short post about two companies who I have written a lot about this past year: ICA and A Non Smoking Generation, who now have a campaign together.

Read more on A Non Smoking Generation's blog, or at ICA's facebook page.
(My older posts about A Non Smoking Generation and ICA.)

Until next time; Happy New Year and I wish you alla 2011 full of energy and new opportunities!


Com Hem repeating themselves

Com Hem (I have written a few posts about them before) have made another TV commercial. Still funny, but they have now gone with the same concept for quite some time. Maybe it's time to renew?!?


F**king brilliant commercial

Yeah, well, I'm sorry for swearing, but this is the best commercial I've seen in a loooong time! A friend of mine shared it on FB today, but the video has been uploaded on YouTube since the end of August. My only regret is that I haven't seen it until now.
I'm not going to spoil it for you, so just enjoy! :)

Eco Wedding

Want to get married without making an impact on the world? Looking for ecological food for your wedding? Needing tips on how to make your wedding more eco friendly?

Look no more! Check out these sites: Eco Bride (in Swedish only) and Eco Wedding . Full of ideas, and tips for ecologically aware brides.
Also check out The Natural Weeding Company, a directory of companies and products that are ethical, eco-friendly, vintage, organic, green, handmade or local, in the UK.

And as a last tip: Hällsnäs, a lovely wedding venue just outside of Göteborg in Sweden. They arrange eco friendly weddings, and even if you're not getting married, check out the lovely pictures. Enjoy!

Photo by Jina Lee.
Logotype from hallsnas.se.


The power of social media

Sunday evening, one of Sweden's more "non-politically correct" political parties, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, were voted into the Swedish parliament. This rose a lot of protests, and just a few hours after the results were official, several Facebook groups were created, encouraging people to demonstrate on Monday evening.

In Sweden's three largest cities; Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, around 10 000, 5 000 and 2 000 people gathered in the town centres, protesting. And this was less than 24 hours after the results! The power of social media!

(English article here.)


SAS Gay Wedding

Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, are right now having a nice wedding campaign. In December, they hope to host the first same-sex wedding in the air!

Couples have submitted photos and their stories and people can vote for the couple that they think should get the opportunity to be married aboard one of SAS' fligths from Stockholm to New York. The happy couple will of course also receive a honeymoon package with hotel nights etc.

A good way for SAS to get traffic to their web site, to get some media attention and also to get some goodwill in showing where they stand in HBT issues. Go SAS! :)

Picture from SAS.se.


Funny diva

I just saw the funniest Snickers commercial on TV. It's not that new, but hilarious if you haven't seen it before! :) Enjoy!