Happy balloons

Yesterday, while driving my little vitamin car around Stockholm, I noticed that someone had been placing colorful balloons on various lamp posts around the city center.
The balloons had different messages on them: "Hakuna Matata", "Feed the birds" and "Say hi to the palace guard".

I have no idea whose idea this is and what purpose the balloons have, but they sure brightened up my day. :)

(And sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. It's kind of hard to drive a car and take photos with your cell phone at the same time. ;)


eBay wedding reception

Do you live in Brisbane, Australia, and are planning to get married? Then check out this auction on eBay, starting at 99 cents! A hotel in Brisbane, the Normanby Hotel, is auctioning out a wedding reception for up to 80 guests, in order to celebrate the opening of the hotel's restaurant, Bovine.

Half of the income from the auction will be donated to the Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital so you're making a good deed while getting a (hopefully) good price. So go on now, start bidding! ;)

Read more in this article from The Courier Mail.
And thanks to Weinrauch Photography for the tip on twitter!


The "missing" video from ComHem

I have had a few very busy weeks working on my "daytime" job, with Glacéau vitaminwater, but I found the video I blogged about a few weeks ago, from ComHem. It's funny, but unfortunately only in Swedish. Enjoy! :)

And check out someone who used ComHem's song, but the real TV intro's:

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