Lovemarks forever?!?

I wrote an earlier post with a link to allaboutbranding.com. I read an interesting, but frankly quite basic, article written by Kevin Roberts (about Lovemarks of course).

I also stumbled over another article from the same site, written by a Dr. Dan Herman.

Creating Enticing Brands, not 'Lovemarks'

Dr Herman uses more than half of his article to write about how bad Kevin Roberts is, and that Roberts has no clue about branding. After he is done with that, he writes about emotionally strong brands. He accuses Roberts of not being able to understand research, and that you can not disconnect emotions from logic, you have to have both. Herman writes about creating a social or psychological benefit created from the benefit of the brand. And also, he has some very interesting points about building an emotionally strong brand that people love. Try using "off-core differentiation" for example.


Lovemarks book review

Grant McCracken has written a review of Kevin Roberts book "Lovemarks".

Even though the criticism is quite harsh, I'm thinking about buying the book. Simply because I want to create my own opinion.

Grant McCracken's blog: This blog sits at the...