And speaking of weddings...

On the blog of Bridetide.com, this list was posted a few days ago: Top 100 Wedding Blogs (and Twitters) to follow in 2009. Lot's of fun links for inspiration! Thanks to Plan Your Wedding, from whom I shamelessly stole the link ;)

Oh, and by the way, these pictures are copyrighted by me, and may not be used without my written permission!


Well arranged Wedding Event

Today, Skansen hosted a well arranged event, promoting their wedding services. They showed off Seglora Church where you could have the ceremony, and they also showed historic wedding clothes, which couples could rent. There was music, a florist, a cake maker, print samples and representatives from different restaurants at or around Skansen. Skansen showed that they can help arrange a full wedding, from beginning to end. A very good idea, that attracted a lot of people, couples planning their wedding and also a TV reporter. Well done Skansen!


Event management tip of the day

Make sure you read the specifications and conditions in the order confirmation thoroughly (!) if you are going to participate in a fair/congress or similar... Otherwise you might end up spending money on things that don't give you any value (such as having someone come to spray flame resistant liquid on your paper poster wall, charging 3 dollars per square meter, due to the paper itself not being flame resistant...)

And before you ask; no, it didn't happen to me ;) but to one of my colleagues...


Crown Princess wedding

So, the Crown Princess of Sweden, Her Royal Highness Victoria, is getting married. The engagement a few weeks ago created a huge media buzz, and yesterday the date for the wedidng was set to the 19th of June 2010.
This guy, Ingemar Eliasson, will be in charge of some of the planning, and Håkan Pettersson (former president of Swedish Military Intelligence) will be project manager.

I wonder how to get a foot in? I would simply LOVE to work with the Royal wedding!

Viral video, LED Sheep

Uploaded on YouTube on the 16th of March (about a week ago) and already viewed more than 2 million times, this amusing video (which seems to be a commercial for Samsung LED TVs) has had a huge impact. It would be really interesting to see how much the traffic has increased on Samsungs website during the last week...


Guerrilla marketing in Sweden

Some smart guys registered this site: http://www.guerrillamarketing.se/! Although their company, Street Promotion, seem to be not so much guerrilla (or what I think is guerrilla), they seem rather like a "we put up posters and hand out flyers"-type of company... Too bad, since Sweden could use more guerrilla marketing companies, and the Swedish culture could sure use more of a "guerrilla spirit". I have alreday linked to a guerrilla marketing agency (click here) that I think do a really good job, but my quest is now to find more Swedish guerrilla agencies/companies! More posts on this subject to follow...


coolbrands is a cool marketing agency working with story telling for brands. A description of what they do can be found on their website here. They use viral branding and other methods that I have discussed earlier...

Really interesting!



Yes, I am in the real world right now. I am practicing at a company that create events, and it is so much fun! I am now certain that this is what I would like to work with in th future! :) I get to do lot's and lot's of different stuff, and I must admit that gala nights are a bit more fun than seminars and conferences, but I am actually enjoying myself at work!

BTW, could you tell I've been very busy? More than 4 months since my last post. Shame on me!
Well during these four months I have started my own company (small scale), and I sold some handcrafted cards to local shops. I was also supposed to have a class for people who would like to learn how to make handmade cards. Unfortunately, no one has signed up yet, so I will have to postpone the class...

P.S. I am now on twitter! Username: LoveEvent