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In Sweden, if you own a TV, it is mandatory to pay a fee for public TV and radio. There are two commercial-free public service TV channels that are bascially run by the government. The money is used to produce and purchase TV shows, and the news are (supposedly) objective.

The problem is that many people don't pay. It is kind of hard for Radiotjänst, as the name of the company that handles payments is, to check every home for a TV. So, they make commercials in order to get people to pay. They have previously run a few fun campaigns, including the popular "En snigel på ögat" (A snail on the eye) and Hembesök (House Call), and now they have a new one out.

Picture/logo from radiotjanst.se.

I saw a link on Facebook, from one of my friends. I clicked it and was redirected to a (Swedish) movie, where a woman, in an international press conference, asks how we can be sure that what we see on TV is real, and how we can be sure that even the little voices get heard. She explained it was due to one person, a hero, and she opens en envelope with a photo of my friends dog. You then see people all over the world cheering for the Swedish hero, and more photos of the dog, in different crowds, beeing hailed as a hero. I was amused, and curious, until the end of the movie, because it wasn't until then that it was revealed that why this dog was a hero was because it paid it's TV fee! So, the whole site, where you an upload a photo of yourself (or of your dog) and become a hero, is a campaign for the Swedish TV fee.

Ok, so the idea is maybe not new, but I like it nontheless, and here is my Hero movie (and yes, we do pay pour fee... ;) and here you can be a hero!

Footnote: Hembesök (House Call) actually won the Guldägget award for best film. Guldägget (The Golden Egg) is a competition hosted by The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, an organisation for independent companies active in the business area of advertising. Here is a previous post about Guldägget.


@collentine said...

It is a very nice made video but as someone else mentioned to me it sends dual messages and is not consistent with their brand.

There job is to find the ones that don't pay and still they thank everyone.

@collentine said...


Adriana Dobrin said...

Interesting thought, how do you mean it's not consistent with their brand?

I agree that their job is to find the ones that don't pay, but this video is a way of making two things: 1) creating a buzz, making people aware of Radiotjänst and their goals, and 2) trying to create a positive feeling about paying your license, instead of scolding people for NOT paying.

It can of course be discussed wether this is a good or a bad way to create attention and reach one's goals (and personally I feel it's a good method) but it would be very interesting to see if Radiotjänst measure the results of their campaigns, and what the result is...