The future of event management

I read this very interesting article (Swedish): "Kultur som kassaklirr - så skapar upplevelsebaserade evenemang nya värden åt turismen", by Niklas Gustafsson (University of Stockholm) and Staffan Holm (EMA Telstar). I have unfortunately not been able to find the article on the net, I don't know here it was published, nor when (I only got the article as a printed copy), but the article writers belive that event management has a brigth future, lucky for me :)

They have an interesting quote in the article: "Experiences have become the hottest commodities the market has to offer. No matter where we turn, we are constantly inundated by advertisment promoting products that promise to provide us with some ephemeral experience that is never, better, more thriling, more genuine, more flexible, or more fun than anything we have previously encountered. In turn, consumers themselves are increasingly willing to go to great lengths, invest large sums of money, and take great risks to avoid 'the beaten track' and 'experience something new'." By Odell & Billing, 2005.

So I will have to check out this book: Experiencescapes: Tourism, Culture and Economy. Written by Tom O'Dell and Peter Billing. But maybe I will also look into other works by these two gentlemen...

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