Second day of school. Project Management. A bit interesteing, but mainly repetition for me. I attended a programme at IHM Business School this spring, Project Management. The programme was arranged by IHM and the company that I work at, and was extremely useful. It gave me konwledge of a lot of tools that come in handy when planning a project.

In the IHM programme we discussed and learned about how to create background, scope, goal. Time plans, mile stone plans, gate plans. Timing, budget, risk mitigation lists, stake holder lists etc. We also got to practice on a "live" project from our company, and of course I also got to practice on the project where I was project manager in my "normal "every day job.

So, this course will probably be mostly things I know, but it can never hurt to repeat stuff you once learned.

Tomorrow: Event and tourism. Stay tuned for the next exciting report ;)

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