Weeding at the Central Station

Last weekend, me and my husband took a weekend trip to Copenhagen. At the Central Station in Stockholm, I noticed a big red mailbox that I had to check out closer.

It turns out that Jernhusen, a real estate company, is hosting a wedding contest. You can win a wedding at the Central Station during the Easter weekend, all expenses paid for. (Well, almost all: hair, flowers, cake, music and a few more things are included.)

Before the 8th of March you can send in the story of your funny/different proposal and answer three questions, and you have the chance of being the lucky winner.

Jernhusen also have a few "love spots" all around the station.

On the contest's web page the company encourages couples to send in photos of themselves kissing or hugging at the love spots, and the photos will be published on the page. (Though I haven't seen any pictures yet, nor any link to pictures.)

A cute initative, and I wonder how many couples want to be married at the Central Station... I'll see if I can join the happy couple at the wedding on the 3rd of April, to take some pictures.

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