innocent storytelling

Last week, I attended an event hosted by Passion for Business magazine and Casall Sportswear. The event was catered by Blueberry. They served sandwiches and innocent smoothies. With the smoothies came a small information booklet. I was going to just throw it away but decide to flip through it. In the booklet you could read the story behind innocent smoothies.
Picture borrowed from innocentdrinks.se.

Three London guys bougth a whole lot of fruit and rented a stall at a music festival. They made smoothies of the fruit and had a sign on the stall saying "Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?". In front of the stall they had two waste bins, one for YES and one for NO, so their customers could vote. By the end of the festival the YES waste bin was full, and the next Monday the guys quit their job and started a smoothies company called innocent. Read their full story here.
This little story, true or false, made me feel like there are real people behind the company, and it made the company more trustworthy. When they state that their smoothies contain only fresh fruit and nothing else, I am prone to believe them!

Innocent now is represented all over the world, and seem to be keeping a very familiar tone in ther marketing strategy, they even call all their customers 'family'! This is something that appeals to me and I will sure continue to buy innocent smoothies...

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